Inspiration in Architecture AW/17

When I first started thinking about the concept of the collection, I did some research for inspiration. At first nothing came to mind, but then I noticed that before you create something complex and perfect, you have to start with simple things. We pay little attention to sketches, unfinished drawings, simple shapes, uncultivated fabrics etc. We are afraid, that imperfection will not be acceptable or useful, but we forget that they are the roots, the basis of everything. In this collection I wanted to show that they can also be acceptable and practical.

I often find inspiration in architecture. One of my favorite architects is Alver Aalto. Most of the walls in his structures are embossed. In my collection I used embossed fabric, which is made with smaller fabrics stitched on the large one.

in this collection I also have accessories, earrings and belts, earrings are made of brass, plexiglass and silver, the shape is geometric and embossed. Footwear design reminds us of 80’s and 90’s it is made by natural leather and it is handmade.

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