Speaks History SS/17

Eloshi’s collection speaks history. Designer took elements of Georgian antiquity and was fully inspired by it. This kind of cultural and historical appropriation can be a tricky business for designer.

Engaged in the rich history of Georgian wine, unique alphabet and traditional clothing, collection acquired the look of past in modern era. Prints on fabric are designer’s genuine handwriting. So, symbol of grapes and alphabet are printed on skirts and dresses. Elements of Georgian traditional costume ‘Chokha’ are created by Eloshi in her own way and dresses decorated with it. Lightness of clothes and tender silhouette is achieved with the use of silk fabric and natural cotton.

Designer turns her view back to 20th century Georgia. The period when Georgian traditional clothing era is finished and women dress under the influence of western world. This time brought to collection an energetic celebration of color: saturated red, classic black and pure white. Obsession to these colors changes the mood of each look.
Accessories match with the time and the history of full collection.

Creative mind of designer is lithe enough to bend with the tastes of past and present.

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