Futurism Style AW/16

Sketch, as a beginning of every creating process, is a main inspiration of Eloshi Collection.

Sketch looking prints are Eloshi’s characteristic features. Idea of this collection is the beginning stage of creating process.

This can be seen with organic and overturned details on material. Strong influence of futurism style is presented in this collection.

Eloshi’s collection has distinctive, strong form of expression. Unique structure of sketches is never repeated. Diverse matches are chosen for colors and materials. Wool and satin are widely used. Black, blue, baggie and terra cotta patterns are the dominant.

Eloshi’s accessories are as unique as a rest of collection. Earings are made of glass, plexiglass and silver. The shapes form geometric and embossed figures. Footwear design is allusion of 80’s and 90’s. Its handmade and made of natural leather.

This collection was presented at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

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